What is SimpleCommands? Why use it? (No nonsense, get it done, index your digital life)

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by John Thompson

At first glance SimpleCommands may seem like yet another smart assistant or smart-home hub without the hardware, but SimpleCommands is neither of those things, yet both of those things at the same time. SimpleCommands is a cloud based platform that bridges the gap between smart Listeners (devices that have voice and text messaging capabilities) and your smart devices/services (what we call Items). Simply put, SimpleCommands is a centralized communication hub for for anything that can connect to the Internet. It enables you to talk or message your Internet of Things (IoTs) devices by any communication method you choose, enabling a level of organization to your digital life that wasn't possible before.

Now the second question: why use SimpleCommands? Let's say you already have all the latest tech out there in every room of your house. What use would SimpleCommands be to you?

  • SimpleCommands is customizable. Everything is on your terms and Item names can be changed in seconds. Like your Item's current name but want to sometimes refer to it by something else? SimpleCommands allows you to add aliases so you can call Items by more than one name. This helps for those times when Siri or Alexa just can't understand or accept what you want to call a smart device.
  • SimpleCommands is centralized. Control not just your smart devices and services, but also your Listeners from one easy to use location in easily navigable lists.
  • SimpleCommands is free.
  • Boss doesn't want you checking in on your tech-enhanced life during the day? Use Slack to control your digital life without jumping around to different apps and getting distracted. Stay on task.
  • Don't let the digital overlords known as Google, Amazon, Apple, etc. be the gatekeepers of your digital life. Keep your life organized and indexed with kloee and use your items across all kinds of platforms and technologies, emerging or established.
  • Communicate with multiple Items at once, regardless of vendor or brand. Groups and Favorites allow you to organize your smart devices however you want.

And yada yada yada... the list goes on. As we roll out more Connections the possibilities with kloee are only limited to your imagination! As life becomes increasingly digital, we are working hard to help you realize all the benefits this trend brings, while minimizing its cost.

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