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by John Thompson

You hear so much about how in the future smart cars will be able to communicate with the cars around them to mitigate traffic, which in effect reduces harmful emissions and prevents accidents. After all, if every car is on the same page no one has to worry about careless drivers like Great Gatsby's Jordan Baker. What you don't hear about nearly as often is how cars will be able to talk to your other smart devices and function as an extension of your smartphone. Forget to close the garage door or turn down the heat when you left for work? Soon every car will be able to remedy these issues without you looking away from the road (and certainly without looking at your phone).

This future is already being realized as carmakers tap into consumers' desires to be constantly connected with products like Carplay, available on more models with each passing year. Some of the latest models even have their own products for communicating with your smart devices, but having so many different products on the market and their lack of customizability leaves something to be desired.

There's no doubt cars will become more connected. However, as with all new technology it comes with some issues. The demand for more connectedness at the wheel results in larger displays, which leads to more distractions at the wheel; and we can't rely on autonomous vehicle technology to be our eyes and ears 100% of the time. Distracted driving, which in today's world is mostly due to phone use, is reportedly responsible for 10% of all fatal car crashes and 15% of injury crashes. As carmakers carefully roll out these new technologies users will almost certainly go through adoption pains while driving, leading to potentially increased risk. Rolling out these technologies will require a concerted, conscious effort by governments and businesses in order to make this transition as safe as possible.

The uptake of this new technology in itself will be a long process, prolonging the time in which people will be getting used to this technology. People scramble every two to three years (if not more often) for the latest phones, but cars are used for over double that time. Cars of the future should follow in the idea of the Tesla model by allowing cars to be "future-proof" with easily updated software to address current demands and needs.

That is where kloee comes in.

The ubiquitous nature of kloee naturally addresses the issue of having a different display in every car. Since kloee isn't a car maker (at least not yet - look out Google), our platform is based in the cloud and not your car. Secondly, kloee is highly customizable with features such as AliasesFavorites, and Groups. The platform is constantly being updated with a focus on ease of use, so you can rest assured that it will be intuitive to use in your car, so you can focus on the road and not on your phone!

Smart cars are here, and they are becoming the new norm. In order to fully realize the potential of this technology in a safe, and easy to use way, governments, carmakers and third parties (yay synergies) must work together to address all of the intricate needs of consumers.

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