A Match Made in Heaven: SimpleCommands and Smartwatches

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by John Thompson

SimpleCommands for a Simple Interface

SimpleCommands, powered by kloee Labs ©, is the simplest version of a digital assistant. Broken down to its bare bones, SimpleCommands is a watch-centric messaging platform through which you can control all of your internet-enable devices and services. The app is no more complex than Rick's butter passing robot. In fact, it's simpler since SimpleCommands doesn't have any semblance of consciousness and has many more uses than just passing butter. The simplicity of SimpleCommands means you don't need an interface as complex as the one on your phone to use it. If you think about it, you don't need something as complex and unruly as an app-saturated phone to do a lot of the more mundane tasks in daily life. This is where smartwatches come in.

Since the release of the new, untethered Apple Series 3 Watch, sales of smartwatches have skyrocketed. The watch's new feature of being able to function independently of a smartphone has users excited about the potential of creating new ways in which we interact with the digital world. That's where SimpleCommands comes in (wait, did I just go full circle?).

Simple also means fast and efficient. The simple interface of smartwatches, one that necessitates the quickest, and easiest of UXs, pairs perfectly with SimpleCommands' simple interface. It's one app for everything. There's not the hassle of navigating tabs or logging into multiple apps on your phone because with SimpleCommands, you can do all of your simple tasks from one intuitive UX. SimpleCommands walks you through every step of the way for both voice and messaging requests, so there's no confusion. Plus, it allows you to customize what you want to call your 'smart stuff' so it can execute commands without you worrying if it will understand you.

While many companies have created watch-specific apps, most of them have very little to no practical functionality. SimpleCommands bridges that gap by providing the same functionality of dozens of smartphone apps (a number that is constantly growing) on your smartwatch. Besides the size of the screen, there is no difference between what you can do with SimpleCommands on the phone version and the watch version (same genotype, different phenotype). So if you need to check up on your gadgets and gizmos, you can do so wherever you are, whenever you want, and you can even use the watch if it would be rude to take our your phone!

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