Control your entire smart home from your Apple Watch.

Access your thermostats, lights, switches, plugs and locks with the SimpleCommands app for your Apple Watch. A few simple taps puts you in total control of your devices.

SimpleCommands for Smart Thermostats

Everything you need all in one place.

All your stuff on your wrist

Access everything in your smart home quickly from your watch. SimpleCommands gives you quick access to your Groups and Favorite items with a simple tap.

See all your connections

Bring up a list of all your connected devices quickly and easily and control them with a few taps. No more shifting back and forth through multiple apps.

Automatically sync your connections

SimpleCommands allows you to automatically sync up any new connections. You can add them quickly and easily, making them available to control in a flash.

Run grouped commands

Group several similar device types (such as all your smart bulbs downstairs) and run commands on the entire set. Turn individual rooms or your entire house on or off easily.

Adjust thermostats with ease

With a customized interface depending on the device type, you are in control of setting the temperature and adjusting heat/cooling settings with a few taps.

Toggle your lights and change colors

SimpleCommands automatically detects the features of your smart bulbs, and displays color adjustments if compatible. Dim your lights quickly and easily as well.

Toggle switches and plugs

Toggle your switches and plugs on or off and check their status all from your wrist. Group different sets together to make it easy to control them all at once.

Garage door, open sesame

Forget to close the garage? Open and close your garage doors from anywhere all in one single app that connects to everything else you already own.

Control access to smart locks

Need to let someone in the house when you aren't there? SimpleCommands can handle that, too, connecting to your smart locks simply and easily.

Monitor for peace of mind

With connections for popular home monitoring devices like your water heater, you'll always be in the know on the go with SimpleCommands.

Irrigation made easy

Check on the status of your lawn's watering schedule and activate or deactivate your zones on the go. SimpleCommands makes it easy!

What's happening with the weather?

Keep tabs on all your weather-reading devices from anywhere. Get readouts of all the important data so you can stay in the know about what is coming.

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