Access your digital life quickly, easily, and more efficiently.

Trigger, automate, and schedule any combination of your home automation devices with custom routines that bend to your every whim. If you can think it, SimpleCommands can make it happen on your terms.

Multiple Devices.
Multiple Triggers.
Multiple Commands.
Multiple Responses.

Don’t be limited by single triggers and actions. Set up groups of triggers and items that will execute on your terms. Support for conditions coming soon!

If any of these triggers occur:

Motion Detection (Sensor Device)


Sunrise/Sunset (Schedule)


Enter/Exit Home (Geolocation)

Execute these actions:

Lock/Unlock Doors


Toggle Switch On/Off


Send a SMS Message


Is it getting hot in here? With a couple taps you can control all your smart thermostats (and other devices) from a single place no matter the brand. Stay comfortable from a single platform.


Want to mix and match brands like LIFX, Hue, and TP-Link? No problem! Access all your smart bulbs from one single interface with SimpleCommands.


Smart hub app not connecting to everything you would like it to? Don't be limited to your smart hub's functionality. Break out and connect to more stuff with SimpleCommands.

Plugs, Switches and Doors

Bring all your switches and locks from your walls and doors to your phone! Access your iHome, TP-Link, Insteon devices and more from a single interface with SimpleCommands.

Cameras, Sensors, & Security

Get more out of your cameras and sensors.  Use SimpleCommands routines to integrate your cameras and sensors with the rest of your smart home.

Irrigation, Automotive & More

If it's connected to your Internet of Things, we want you to be able to manage it with SimpleCommands. We're always adding more connections all the time, so check our connections page for what is coming next.

Catalog All Your Devices in One Place

Why flip through several apps if you have multiple IoT devices/brands?

SimpleCommands makes it easy to access everything from a single place.

Apple Watch Compatible

SimpleCommands makes it easy to control and access devices and information right on your wrist.

How easy is that?

Group Devices Across Brands

Group your like devices together in a way that is meaningful to you. 

SimpleCommands lets you mix and match brands so its easy to run Group commands.


Run multiple commands at once. 

Set routines to be kicked off on a schedule, or triggered by an event, such as another device's alert. You can even set up geofenced events that trigger based on your location.

Alexa Skill, Google Home Actions, SMS, and more.

Designed with Voice Commands in mind.

SimpleCommands makes it easy to control what you want Alexa or Google Home to Discover.


Use SimpleName with your devices. 

Use terms that make sense to you, and are easier for Alexa or Google Assistant to understand.